SharesPost is a leading specialist in the private securities market. Since our founding, we have developed a thriving ecosystem for matching the supply of shares in late-stage, venture-backed companies with broad investor demand for shares in those same companies. We partner with private companies to manage secondary liquidity programs that enable founders, early investors and employees to realize value for their equity shares. With one of the largest networks of investors interested in private securities, we have become a “go-to” source for shareholders seeking liquidity. Since 2011, we have completed over 2,000 private company equity transactions totaling $1 billion*.

As more companies have chosen to stay private longer, SharesPost has played a pioneering role in establishing trust and confidence in the private securities market. Our unique focus on and experience in the private securities market are what distinguish us from a traditional investment bank. We share our clients’ entrepreneurial vision, and provide expert consultation to position them for long-term success.

Our affiliated investment advisor, SP Investment Management, LLC, manages the SharesPost 100 Fund, whose objective is to invest in the top 100 private, venture-backed companies. The SharesPost 100 provides a vehicle for investors to gain diversified exposure to the private equity asset class, while offering an added source of liquidity for shareholders.

Founded in 2009, SharesPost was one of the first platforms for buying and selling private company shares. As the private securities market grew, SharesPost entered into a partnership with NASDAQ OMX Group, Inc. to create the NASDAQ Private Market (NPM) to further institutionalize and streamline the trading of private shares. Today, SharesPost is a member broker-dealer of the NASDAQ Private Market, extending our clients’ access to investors through the NPM network.


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