Basic Attention Token Stock | Enterprise Software | Founded: 2017 | Funding to Date: $35,000,000

Basic Attention Token was established in 2017 and was created to disrupt the traditional digital advertising industry by introducing a blockchain-based digital advertising token. Instead of advertising middlemen absorbing a large portion of advertising revenue, content producers can be fairly compensated while users can monetize their attention.


Management Team
  • Brendan Eich - Founder, Vision, Strategy
  • Brian Bondy - Co-Founder, Browser Engineering Lead
  • Yan Zhu - Security & Privacy Engineering
  • Catherine Corre - Communications



Bitcoin is again leading the market. As BTC’s price started to decline the rest of the market slid, but three coins stood out with major losses. The following technical analysis will evaluate Monero, Tezos, and Basic Attention Token. Bitcoin After the recent drop below $11,000 Bitcoin may continue its decline. The support given by the …

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