Blockchain Capital | FinTech | Founded: 2013 | Funding to Date: $70,000,000

Blockchain Capital was founded in 2013 with the mission of helping entrepreneurs build world class companies and projects based on blockchain technology. Blockchain Capital provides founders with the tools they need to succeed: capital, domain expertise, partnerships, recruiting and strategy. Blockchain Capital is one of the most active venture investors in the blockchain technology sector, and has financed 72 companies, protocols and tokens since its inception (as of May 2018). BCAP tokens grant holders a portion of the profits earned by the fund. The fund’s managing partners will collect a management fee and a performance fee, the remainder of profits will be distributed to token holders. The BCAP token is transferable, providing liquidity that is not usually found in traditional venture capital markets. The BCAP token is issued by Blockchain Capital TokenHub Pvt. Ltd, a Singapore-based entity and represents interest in the fund, Blockchain Capital Digital Liquid Venture Fund, LP.

ENTERPRISE VALUE (based on primary fundings)


Management Team
  • Joshua Rivera - Chief Compliance Officer & General Counsel
  • Zalia Aliriza - Controller
  • Bart Stephens - Co-Founder & Managing Partner
  • W.Bradford Stephens - Co-Founder & Managing Partner



The quality of a financial market is driven by liquidity. Companies want to list on the NYSE, because that’s where the most financial investors in the world are located, and the thicker the market for investors, the better the valuations for companies. The NYSE has “problems” though — its closed mo…

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