Circle Internet Financial Stock | Finance/Payments | Founded: 2013 | Funding to Date: $246,000,000

Circle Internet Financial is a global internet finance company, built on blockchain technology and powered by crypto assets. With Circle Pay, everyone can send money like a text, instant, secure and free. Circle Invest, let’s anyone buy and sell crypto assets. It also runs Circle Trade, an over-the-counter (OTC) trading desk for large cryptocurrency investors. According to the company, Circle directly trade over $2 billion per month in crypto assets. In Feb 2018, Circle announced that it acquires Poloniex, a leading token exchange platform.

ENTERPRISE VALUE (based on primary fundings)

Key Investors
Accel Partners
Breyer Capital
China Everbright
China International Capital
General Catalyst Partners
Glenn Hutchins
IDG Capital Partners
Sam Palmisano
Wanxiang Group

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Management Team
  • Jeremy Allaire - Co-Founder, Chairman & Chief Executive Officer
  • Sean Neville - Co-Founder, Board Member & President of Product and Operations
  • Naeem Ishaq - Chief Financial Officer, Corporate Treasurer and Executive Vice President of Risk
  • Robert Bench - Chief Compliance Officer
  • Anders Brownworth - Chief Evangelist
Board Members
  • Alex Norstrom -
  • David Orfao - General Catalyst
  • Jeremy Allaire -
  • Michele Burns - The Goldman Sachs Group
  • Quan Zhou Ph.D - IDG Capital
  • Rajeev Date JD -
  • Sean Neville -


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