Enterprise Value (based on primary fundings)

Company Description

Pinterest is an interest-sharing platform founded by Ben Silbermann, Evan Sharp, and Paul Sciarra in 2010. The platform acts as a visual discovery and planning tool where users collect, organize, and share visual content using the Pin feature. Pinterest has over 2600 employees in 17 offices worldwide and has currently over 250 million monthly active users on its platform. Pinterest’s key products include Pins – the most used feature by users to save ideas found on the web, Promoted Pins – used by advertisers promote their brands, Pinterest analytics - provides metrics for user engagement, Pinterest Lens – a camera based search tool and Pinterest Browser – used to save content found on the web. In Feb 2018, the company hired Francoise Brougher as the new COO in preparation towards a public offering in 2019 / early 2020.

Company Info

Website: www.pinterest.com

Industry: Consumer Web

Founded: 2009

Funding to Date: $1,129M

Last Round Est. Valuation: $11.9B

Management Team
  • Ben Silbermann - Co-Founder, Board Member, & CEO
  • Vanja Josifovski - Chief Technology Officer
  • Evan Sharp - Co-Founder
  • Gene Alston JD - Head of Corporate & Business Development
  • Natalie Fair - Head, Finance
Board Members
  • Ben Silbermann - Pinterest
  • Jeffrey Jordan - Andreessen Horowitz
  • Jeremy Levine - Bessemer Venture Partners


Blog: Pinterest - The Love Child of Amazon, Google and Facebook?

If Pinterest pursues an IPO, and if Pinterest goes public in the first half of 2019 (roughly 18–24 months from today), prospective and potential public investors will likely calculate the company’s Enterprise Value based on a blended average of 2019 and 2020 financial estimates.

SharesPost Company Report: Pinterest

As of April 2017, Pinterest announced that, globally, it has 175 million MAUs. We estimate that roughly 80 million of Pinterest’s MAUs are based in the U.S. and the rest are overseas. More than 80 billion pins have been categorized by Pinterest users into more than 2.6 billion boards.

Pinterest News


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