Enterprise Value (based on primary fundings)

Company Description

Uber connects riders with safe, reliable, convenient transportation providers at a variety of price-points in cities around the world. Uber makes money from charging their drivers 20% of the fare as and a $10 weekly phone fee.

Company Info

Website: uber.com

Industry: Transportation

Founded: 2009

Funding to Date: $6.9B

Last Round Est. Valuation: $69.76B

Management Team
  • Thuan Pham - CTO
  • Tony West - Chief Legal Officer
  • Jeff Holden - Chief Product Officer
  • Bozoma Saint John - Chief Brand Officer
  • Dara Khosrowshahi - CEO
  • Nelson Chai - CFO
Board Members
  • Arianna Huffington - Self
  • David Krane - Google Ventures
  • Cheng Wei - Didi Chuxing
  • David Trujillo - TPG Growth
  • John Thain - Uber Technologies
  • Ryan Graves - Uber Technologies
  • Travis Kalanick - Uber Technologies
  • Ursula Burns - Self
  • Wan Ling Martello - Self


Uber & Ride-Sharing: The $650 Billion Question

The top 5 riding-share apps, including Uber and Lyft, are today a $650 billion market and could experience 10x revenue growth in the next decade and potentially disrupt several industries involved in human mobility. Report includes a survey of 5,500 mobile phone users about their experiences using ride-sharing apps.

Uber News

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