Finom Stock | FinTech | Founded: 2012

Finom is a Swiss-based financial services company using Blockchain technology to make the global financial system more efficient and accessible. The Finom platform is comprised of four different operating subsidiaries – TabTrader, Nanopool, Cryptonit and TabTrader manages a mobile application enabling users to trade on the major cryptocurrency exchanges. With more than 500,000 active users, TabTrader is one of the most widely-used cryptocurrency trading terminals in the world. Nanopool is one of the world's largest altcoin mining pools with its more than 70,000 active users generating double digit percentages of the global production of six major cryptocurrencies, including Ethereum and ZCash. Cryptonit is a Bitcoin and Ethereum exchange used by nearly 40,000 traders. Beetle.IO is a mobile app enabling users to easily purchase Bitcoins and use them in commerce.


Management Team
  • Kirill Suslov - CEO
  • Denis Suslov - CFO
  • Alexandr Barkovskiy - CTO
  • Yego Karatov - Chief Compliance Officer
  • Vladislav Alushkin - Chief Security Officer
  • Andrey Yanukovich - Chief Accounting Officer


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