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Tru-Test Group have been designing and manufacturing weighing systems for more than 30 years, creating valuable additions to any farming operation.

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We live in a world of health data. With fitness trackers, electronic health records, sleep monitoring and countless other ways to track and measure our health, we've entered an exciting era in which the flow of data to our doctors, pharmacists and other care providers is revolutionizing how and how fast health care services are delivered. It's also given consumers windows into their own health that was just a dream 20, 10, even five years ago. Not long ago, we really only got a picture of our health once a year when we went to our doctor for an annual check-up. We'd get blood drawn, blood pressure, weight and other vital statistics were taken, and our doctor would declare us healthy or give us things to work on. Right now, as I write this, I can look on my wrist and see my current heart rate, resting heart rate, activity level, how I slept and other real-time data – even my current weight trend to the tenth of a pound, thanks to my smart scale. I'm an app away from my medical charts

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