Introducing a new way to invest in private markets

Starting in 2019, the SharesPost marketplace will enable accredited investors to buy, sell, and custody security tokens.

The next generation of unicorns won’t be selling common stock

Today, earlier stage private growth companies are raising capital by selling security tokens, instead of traditional preferred and common stock. Security tokens offer far greater liquidity, transparency, and ease of trading.

Security Token Offerings
Security Token Offerings
Leading private companies will be able to use SharesPost’s compliant platform to conduct their Security Token Offerings (STOs) and access the world’s largest network of private market investors.
Two ways to trade
Two ways to trade
Accredited investors will be able to buy and sell security tokens of leading private growth companies either by using our online order book or talking to one of our Private Securities Specialists.
Security token custody
Security token custody
SharesPost enables institutions and individuals to custody their security tokens and other digital assets in SharesPost brokerage accounts, gaining access to token research and trading.

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In-depth token analysis

In-depth token analysis

Investors in the SharesPost marketplace can access token market data, issuer information, valuation analysis, and unique research to help them make smart decisions about their security token investments.

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September 4, 2018
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We are pleased to announce the results of our second consumer and investor survey on trends in cryptocurrencies and Blockchain technology. We received 2,490 responses from consumers and 528 responses from individual accredited and institutional investors.

June 27, 2018
Investment Strategies for Blockchain: A $2.5 Trillion Opportunity?

A Multi-Trillion Dollar Value Creation Opportunity: The emergence of Blockchain technology, cryptocurrencies and Blockchain tokens promises to fundamentally remake the innovation economy and the private capital market.

SharesPost Token Index

The SharesPost Token Index tracks changes in the valuation of a basket of tokens issued by leading blockchain companies.

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Security token expertise

The SharesPost token trading desk specializes in institutional block trading of digital assets. Our experienced team of Private Securities Specialists, research analysts, and legal experts partner with institutions and token issuers to provide best-in-class trade execution.

Greg Brogger
Greg Brogger

Founder & Chief Executive Officer, SharesPost, Inc.

Vijay Chetty
Vijay Chetty

VP, Business Development, Digital Assets Group

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