Moderna Stock | BioTech | Funding to Date: $1.84B

Developer of a new class medicines intended to treat inherited genetic disorders, hemophilic and blood factors and oncology. The company's mRNA technology platform accelerates drug discovery and speeds early development for mRNA-based vaccines and therapies spanning several therapeutic areas, as well as produces human proteins and antibodies inside patient cells, enabling clinicians to address currently undruggable targets and offer an alternative to existing drug modalities for a wide range of diseases and conditions.

ENTERPRISE VALUE (based on primary fundings)


Management Team
  • Stephen Hoge MD - President
  • Lorence Kim MD - Chief Financial Officer
  • Annie Drapeau - Chief Human Resources Officer
  • Melissa Moore Ph.D - Chief Scientific Officer
  • Marcello Damiani - Chief Digital Officer
  • Kenneth Chien - Co-Founder
  • Stephen Bancel - CEO
  • Juan Andres - Chief Technical Operations and Quality Officer
  • Said Francis - Senior Director of Business Development


Token Index
Private Growth Index
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