Niantic Stock | Augmented/Virtual Reality | Founded: 2011 | Funding to Date: $480,599,463

Niantic is a developer of AR technology designed to spark creative and engaging journeys in the real world with products that inspire outdoor exploration, exercise, and meaningful social interaction.

ENTERPRISE VALUE (based on primary fundings)

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Management Team
  • John Hanke - Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer
  • Jeff Shouger - Senior VP & Chief Financial Officer
  • Phil Keslin - Chief Technology Officer
  • Mike Quigley - Chief Marketing Officer
Board Members
  • John Hanke -
  • Megan Quinn - Spark Capital

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Next Reality

The race for the future of AR wearables gained steam this week with several pivotal developments. First, Apple, the subject of numerous reports and rumors regarding its purported AR headset, is reportedly eyeing an in-person unveiling of the device for later this year, rather than introduce it at its upcoming virtual Worldwide Developers Conference, which would usually be as good a time as any to make a big AR hardware announcement.