Robinhood Stock | Finance/Payments | Founded: 2012 | Funding to Date: $66,000,000

Robinhood is a developer of a mobile stock trading application designed to democratize access to the financial markets. The company's free stock trading application offers real-time market data and allows investors to give up a full-service trading platform in exchange for the ability to buy a wide selection of stocks and ETFs without paying commissions or fees, enabling them to invest what they can afford and skip the fees. Recently, the company rolled out zero-fee trading of Bitcoin and Ethereum to investors in certain states.

ENTERPRISE VALUE (based on primary fundings)


Management Team
  • Vladimir Tenev Ph.D - Co Founder & Co-Chief Executive Officer
  • Baiju Bhatt - Co-Founder & Co-Chief Executive Officer
  • Scott Friedman - Managing General Partner
  • Jack Randall - Head of Communications
  • Miles Wellesley - Vice President of Business Development
Board Members
  • Baiju Bhatt - Robinhood
  • Blake Byers Ph.D - GV
  • Jan Hammer - Index Ventures (UK)
  • Scott Sandell - New Enterprise Associates
  • Vladimir Tenev Ph.D - Robinhood


Bitcoin Exchange Guide

Bitmain, Coinbase, And Six Others Make The 2019 List Of "Biggest Blockchain Companies By Valuation" Contributor of the Bitcoin Market Journal, Alex Lielacher, recently assessed what he believes are the most successful blockchain companies based on their updated valuations (. Said companies all fall within the crypto industry, primarily serving as crypto exchanges and offering other relatable services. Remarkably, Bitmain takes first place ($14B), followed by Coinbase ($8B), Robinhood ($5.6B), Ripple ($5B), Kraken and Block.One ($4B), Circle ($2.9B) and Binance ($2B+). In addition to the statistics, Lielacher also expounded on each firm's success and how the crypto world perceives them. Here is a brief look at each one: #1: Bitmain Bitmain was supposedly valued at $14B back in 2018 (halfway through the year to be more precise). Such hike in value was supposedly correlated with their proposed IPO, which has


Charles Schwab and Fidelity Investments are making hundreds more exchange-traded funds free to trade on their platforms, the latest salvo in a yearslong battle that has dragged prices lower on everything from advice and asset management to trading.

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