Index Tokens as of October 1, 2018

The SharesPost Token Index seeks to track the growth of tokens issued by Blockchain startups. These companies are typically younger than a venture-backed startup, and have raised capital by selling tokens. Utility tokens allow the buyer to access a service on the Blockchain while security tokens represent ownership in an asset like real estate or equity in a company. Specifically, the Index focuses on a select group of tokens built on the ERC20 protocol, a common technology standard companies use for building decentralized apps on blockchain.

There are multiple criteria to determine inclusion of a token in the Index, such as market capitalization, trading volume and trading history. The Index will rebalance and reconstitute the index weightings and constituents at the end of each quarter.

The Index is calculated based on a market cap-weighted methodology. Each Index constituent’s weight is determined by its circulating supply and token price to better reflect the overall maturity of the token market while minimizing liquidity risk and transaction costs. The Index pulls daily pricing data from a whitelist of exchanges. Circulating supply market capitalization and trading volume data are sourced from publicly available data sources and used during the quarterly rebalancing of the index to determine eligible constituents and their respective weightings.

Published by SharesPost Research LLC, the SharesPost Token Index was initiated on July 1, 2018.

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