Quarterly Rebalancing and Reconstitution

At or around the end of every calendar quarter, the Publisher reviews the Constituents to ensure all tokens meet eligibility requirements and accurately represent the growth of security token offerings. Per schedule below, we will review index constituents on the 15th of the last month of each quarter, and publish the updates effective as of the 1st day of the following quarter (generally as of 12:00am Pacific time).

Quarterly Review Publishing Date
March 15 April 1
June 15 July 1
September 15 October 1
December 15 January 1

Addition of New Tokens to Index

During the quarterly rebalancing, the Publisher will review token data from Coinmarketcap.com (or such other source as the Publisher may determine appropriate and notify to Index users) and may add new tokens to the Index and subtract tokens from the Index. The change in tokens will change the Divisor. We will announce each new Constituent with the release of the subsequent Index publication. You can find the 2018 Index Constituents in Appendix B and a current list on the SharesPost website.

Removal of Tokens from the Index

During the quarterly rebalancing, the Publisher will review Index data and remove each token that no longer meets our eligibility requirements. Removing a token from the Index does not mean we will add a new one. This removal will change the Divisor. We will update the list of Constituents and Divisor with the release of the subsequent Index publication.

Burning, Minting, and Other Token Events

We will update the Index to reflect events that impact the circulating supply of each Constituent. We will also update the Divisor to adjust for any significant token events such as large numbers of tokens being minted or burned.

Sources of Index Data

The Index depends on the following data: (a) real-time pricing data from a whitelist of exchanges; (b) circulating supply data from publicly available data sources; and (c) trading volume data from publicly available sources. The Publisher will provide a limited evaluation of such sources, and may change sources from time to time. The Publisher cannot guarantee the accuracy of any of the data received from such sources.

Important Notice

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