SharesPost understands and provides the resources our institutional clients need to successfully navigate the private growth equity asset class. 



For our institutional clients, SharesPost combines a cross-functional team, access to proprietary tools, transaction data and research and the market’s largest inventory of investment opportunities.

Sell-Side Inventory

SharesPost has facilitated over $4 billion worth of investment in many of the world’s leading private growth companies*. As a leading liquidity provider to the private market, we match buyers and sellers of institutional-sized blocks.

Research and Data

Our institutional clients make smarter decisions by engaging with our analysts and accessing proprietary research and transaction data. Leveraging our online platform’s customized content feeds, valuation benchmarks, cap tables and waterfalls, they have greater insight into the market and their portfolio.

Private Security Specialists

Before SharesPost, our Private Security Specialists gained experience at many of Wall Street and Silicon Valley’s leading firms. They understand the needs of institutional investors - from the information to support an investment decision to their need for discretion and service.

Trade Execution

Our integrated, legal, compliance and operations teams have facilitated over 4,000 private market transactions and provide the best-in-class execution our institutional clients need to transact with confidence.




Register with SharesPost

Get started by registering with SharesPost as an institution to gain access to research, transaction data, company valuation benchmarks, cap tables, waterfalls and more.

Meet Your Private Securities Specialist

Your Private Securities Specialist will contact you to discuss your firm’s private market investment objectives, answering any questions you may have.

Create a Watchlist

Create a Watchliist to customize your feed of private market news, press releases, transaction updates, research reports, events and more.

Input Your Portfolio

For each of your firm's holdings, input your transaction history and select your valuation benchmarks so the system can automatically update the value of your holdings as those inputs change over time.

Access Deal Flow

Access the private market’s leading source of deal flow via both your Private Securities Specialist and our online platform.

“The institutional team at SharesPost provides us with the kind of support, professionalism, and comfort in the private market that we are accustomed to and we value the relationship that we have built in working together.”

-Managing Director, W Capital Partners
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Frequently Asked Questions

How is SharesPost different than other private market brokers?

Founded in 2009, SharesPost is a full-service, clearing broker dealer and registered investment advisor dedicated exclusively to the private growth equity asset class. Our clients and investment professionals leverage our proprietary research, transaction data and information technology. We have facilitated more than 4,000 transactions in more than 150 private growth companies. Institutional investors know they can rely on SharesPost not just at the time of sale, but throughout the life of their investment.

What financial and other diligence materials can SharesPost provide for proposed investments?

Though the private market is becoming more transparent, it remains a market characterized by limited information. The availability of issuer financial and other diligence materials varies from transaction to transaction. Because of our strong working relationship with many issuers and fact that we are also a shareholder in many cases, we typically have access to more information than other private market participants. Wherever possible, SharesPost connects institutions and issuers under non-disclosure agreements to support disclosure.

How liquid is the private growth equity asset class?

Private market secondary liquidity has improved markedly over the past few years. As more and more private growth companies reach a size suitable for institutional investment, institutional capital has been migrating into the private market. Issuers have responded by raising larger private financing rounds and becoming increasingly supportive of shareholder liquidity. Still, when it comes to secondary transactions, investors should be aware that each private issuer has their own preferences, restrictions and processes and should consider their exit strategy prior to investing.

How is SharesPost compensated for facilitating transactions?

SharesPost supports multiple structures for private market investments and so compensation arrangements vary. Typically though SharesPost will charge transactions participants a commission based on the size of the transaction and, where a special purpose vehicle is being employed, a management fee to the investors in the vehicle.

What regulatory licenses does SharesPost have?

SharesPost’s broker dealer, SharesPost Financial Corporation (SPFC), is a wholly owned subsidiary of SharesPost, Inc. SPFC is a FINRA registered, clearing broker and is registered with the SEC as an Alternative Trading System. SharesPost’s Registered Investment Advisor, SP Investments Management, LLC, which manages the SharesPost100 Fund and other investment entities, is registered with the SEC. [SharesPost] is also a licensed California lender.


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