SharesPost has helped more than 180 leading private companies manage their secondary transactions by understanding and supporting their unique liquidity and investor preferences.



At SharesPost, we understand that the best way to serve our shareholder and investor clients is to partner with the issuers of the shares they wish to transact in.

Partnering with Issuers

Transaction by transaction, SharesPost demonstrates its commitment to building mutually beneficial relationships and trust with the leading private growth companies.

Issuer Investor Preference

SharesPost’s global network of institutional investors and family offices enables us to introduce investors to issuers that they are pleased to have as a shareholder.

Shareholder Service

At SharesPost, we strive to provide each client with the highest quality service - issuers can trust their shareholders will receive best-in-class transaction advice and support.

Managing the Process

Our legal and operations teams have facilitated thousands of private equity transactions - they are dedicated to understanding and supporting each issuer’s particular transfer process.




Client Contact

Every day, our shareholder and investor clients contact us to discuss potential purchases or sales of shares in leading private companies.

Matching Buyers and Sellers

When our transactions team sees that a buyer and seller might be matched in a transaction, we contact the issuer.

Issuer Outreach

We contact the issuer to discuss their preferences and processes for secondary transactions.

Structure Transaction

We review the potential transaction for conformity with the issuer’s preferences and move forward only when it meets them.

Navigate Issuer Transfer Process

The SharesPost legal and operations teams work with the issuer to move the transaction efficiently through to closing.

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As the most successful private growth companies defer their IPO, their shareholders are having to find alternative paths to liquidity. SharesPost is there to help.

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1st Annual Private Tech Investor Survey

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Frequently Asked Questions

In what ways can SharesPost help issuers efficiently manage and control secondary transactions?

SharesPost works with each issuer to customize our services to meet their unique needs.  SharesPost’s issuer solutions range from informal shareholder-by-shareholder referral relationships to the structuring and management of large, formal liquidity programs.

What does SharesPost do to help protect the confidentiality of issuer financial information and transaction information?

SharesPost requires that prospective buyers of shares execute non-disclosure agreements prior to engaging in detailed conversation regarding an investment opportunity. In addition, any financial information provided to us by an issuer is shared only with the consent of the issuer and on a need-to-know basis.

What does SharesPost do to ensure its transactions comply with securities laws?

SharesPost’s legal and compliance teams have significant private market transactional experience.  SharesPost transactions rely on frequently used exemptions from the registration requirements of the Securities Act of 1933, as amended.

How is SharesPost different from other private market brokers or platforms?

SharesPost genuinely works with issuers to understand their investor preferences and secondary policies and processes. Our private securities specialist, legal and operations teams work together to establish issuer trust one transaction at a time. We are committed to delivering the highest quality execution and treating the issuer as a valued client.

What are SharesPost’s regulatory approvals?

SharesPost’s wholly owned subsidiaries include a registered broker dealer and Alternative Trading System as well as a Registered Investment Advisor.

How is SharesPost compensated for facilitating transactions?

Typically SharesPost’s broker dealer charges transaction participants industry standard commissions.

How does SharesPost relate to the Nasdaq Private Market?

SharesPost and Nasdaq OMX Group (Nasdaq) teamed up to form the Nasdaq Private Market (NPM) in 2013.  In 2015, SharesPost sold its interest in the NPM to Nasdaq. Though SharesPost remains a member broker dealer of the NPM, SharesPost is no longer an equity holder.

Important Notice

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