Since 2009, private company shareholders have turned to SharesPost for liquidity because of our expertise, issuer relationships and network of thousands of buy-side clients.



SharesPost helps private company shareholders understand the value of their holdings and their liquidity options. When it's time to sell, SharesPost helps shareholders discreetly find the right buyer and close their sale.

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Shareholders can understand and track the value of their shares with our proprietary, institutional-quality research and our valuation and portfolio management tools.

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SharesPost Private Securities Specialists provide the experience, expertise and service shareholders need to transact with confidence.

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Connect with the right buyer from among thousands of SharesPost’s investor clients.

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SharesPost’s strong issuer relationships and operations team enable best-in-class trade execution.

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Selling Private Company Shares

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Your Private Securities Specialist will provide the necessary legal documents and other assistance to close your sale smoothly.

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What Selling Shareholders Should Know

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“Working with SharesPost to sell my shares was a frictionless experience. They took what usually is a complicated process and handled the whole thing for me. Thank you SharesPost.”

-Meagen E., SharesPost Private Securities Client

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I sell shares in a private company?

Selling shares of private companies can be challenging. To complete a transaction, you must find a buyer, negotiate price, execute legal agreements and process the transaction with the company.  Applicable securities laws must also be understood and navigated. SharesPost has helped thousands of buyers and sellers execute each of these steps.

Who can transact in the private market?

Typically, to purchase unregistered securities (i.e., private company stock), you must be an “accredited investor.” An accredited investor is someone who meets certain financial tests mandated by the securities laws. There is, however, no such accreditation requirement for those selling unregistered securities.

Do I need a broker to help with my sale?

No - there is certainly no legal requirement that you use a broker to sell private company shares. Many sellers, however, find that leveraging a broker and a private market platform like SharesPost provides several advantages. These include a large network of potential buyers, experience with private company transfer processes, knowledge of applicable securities laws and transaction documents and the expertise to bring these elements together in a successful transaction.

How should I select a broker?

The secondary market for private company shares in its current form is relatively new - so it can be hard to know which firms you can trust.  We recommend that you select a broker with a proven track record and the resources to optimize your chances of successfully completing a transaction. First and foremost among these resources is an investment professional you connect with on a personal level - one who is expert in private market secondary transactions, Other needed resources include a large network of investors, relationships with companies like yours and a strong legal, compliance and operations team.

How do I select the optimal buyer for my shares?

Finding the ideal buyer for your shares generally requires first connecting with multiple potential buyers. Initial conversations with buyers should determine their pricing expectations, desired size of transaction, investor profile and whether or not they will be acceptable to the company issuing the shares. Though price is of course a key criterion, for most selling shareholders, the best buyer(s) will also be one that works for the issuer and can reliably and timely meet their obligations under your stock sale agreements.

Will the issuer of my shares permit my sale?

Generally private companies are supportive of their shareholders finding liquidity. They do, however, have a number of valid concerns regarding such stock sales. These include sensitivity to disclosure of financial information, the impact secondary sales may have on their option pricing and/or valuation of the company and compliance with securities laws. Each issuer has different policies and processes in place to address these concerns. For example, almost all issuers impose a right of first refusal on secondary stock sales and require legal opinions. Your SharesPost Private Securities Specialist will help you navigate your relationship with the company and compliance with their preferred transaction process.

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