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Obtain liquidity today while preserving your potential equity upside by borrowing against your shares with a non-recourse loan.

“A private stock loan helped me exercise my options to become a shareholder. I expect to save a lot in taxes when my company exits. It’s a smart solution.”
Steve Johnson - Former Chief Revenue Officer, Hootsuite

Borrowing Against Your Private Market Holdings

There are times when you need a loan to exercise your stock options and pay the related taxes. You may need liquidity so that you can purchase a home or reach other financial goals. At SharesPost, our representatives can help you evaluate your borrowing alternatives.

As your advocate, a SharesPost representative will work with you to determine the best financial strategy based on your unique situation. Your representative will then help you obtain the best terms from SharesPost’s handpicked network of third-party institutional lenders.

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Loans for Option Exercise

If option holders take steps in advance, they can often increase the after-tax value of their shares after the company’s IPO or sale. One key decision option holders must make is whether to exercise their options a year or more in advance of an anticipated liquidity event.

Exercising early can help you obtain long-term capital gains treatment, instead of the much higher ordinary income or AMT tax rates. Unfortunately, it is often difficult to exercise early if you lack the funds to pay the exercise price and associated taxes.

A SharesPost Stock Option Loan provides you with the funds to pay for the cost of exercising. Additionally, because it is a non-recourse loan, a SharesPost Stock Option Loan limits your repayment responsibility to the shares that back the loan.

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Example of Early Option Exercise

Stock Option Loan Example

Stock Option Loan Example

Loans for Liquidity

Private companies are staying private for longer than ever. As a result, shareholders increasingly look for liquidity prior to a company sale or IPO. Shareholders may choose to sell their shares; however, because of the potentially unfavorable tax consequences of selling, many shareholders now look to borrow against their shares rather than selling.

Unlike a sale, a loan allows you to hold on to your shares and benefit from your company’s continued success. Additionally, because the loan is a non-recourse loan, you do not have to risk other personal assets. Your responsibility for repayment is limited to the shares supporting the loan.

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Example of Private Stock Loan

Private Stock Loan Example

Stock Option Loan Example
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