Uber IPO

uber.com | Transportation | Founded: 2009 | Funding to Date: $14.92B

Uber, the global ridesharing and mobility services provider founded in 2009, completed its Initial Public Offering on May 10, 2019. The company priced its IPO at $45 per share, raising approximately $8 billion at a market capitalization of just over $82 billion.

As a private company, Uber raised funds from Venture Capital investors totaling nearly $20 billion dollars, inclusive of approximately $6 billion in debt. These investors included Sequoia Capital, Tencent Holdings, SoftBank, G Squared, Didi Chuxing, Morgan Stanley, and Tiger Global Management. The company’s last private funding round was in March 2018, when it raised $500 million in a corporate round led by Pohlad Companies and Toyota Motors, valuing the company at $72 billion. Beyond its core ridesharing business, Uber spent significant amounts of capital building its ancillary services, including Uber Eats which offers food delivery, Uber Freight which offers shipping services, and Advanced Technologies Group which is building self-driving vehicle solutions.

Date of Last Funding Round March 2018
Value at Last Round $70.26 B
Amount of Last Raise $250 MM
Total Funding to Date $14.92 B

ENTERPRISE VALUE (based on primary fundings)

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Mutual Funds holding Uber

  • T. Rowe Price Communications & Technology Fund Investor Class - September 2018

  • T. Rowe Price Growth Stock Fund - September 2018

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