Publishing Schedule

The Publisher intends to publish daily pricing data for the Index.

Index Announcements and Dissemination

The SharesPost Token Index is published on the SharesPost website. Visitors can review the most recent announcements, download the current white paper describing the Index’s construction and maintenance, and find important legal notices and disclaimers. The website also features daily pricing and list of Constituents. Pricing will be based on publicly available information but will not necessarily reflect the prices of any actual trading or the price at which a current buyer or seller of a token or of all tokens in the Index could attain.

From time to time, we will disseminate Index information via email to registered SharesPost members and through content partnerships and licensing arrangements with third parties.

Index Governance

The SharesPost Token Index is constructed, maintained and governed by SharesPost Research LLC, a wholly owned subsidiary of SharesPost Inc., in accordance with the Index’s published rules and policies. To ensure the Index timely reflects cryptocurrency market news and meets our standards for construction and maintenance, the Publisher reserves the right to add and/or modify these rules and policies from time to time. To review the Publisher’s Conflicts of Interest, Internal Governance, Business Continuity, and Disaster Recovery Policies, please visit the Index Disclosures and Limitations section of the SharesPost Token Index page.

Inquiries and Complaints

To request a copy of the Publisher’s Inquiries and Complaints policy or to submit an inquiry or complaint regarding the Index, please email correspondence to or write to the following postal address: SharesPost Inc., 555 Montgomery St, Suite 1400, San Francisco, CA 94111, Attn: SharesPost Research LLC.