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Spotify Financials Revealed: The Numbers Driving $21 Billion IPO
Company Report

Spotify Financials Revealed: The Numbers Driving $21 Billion IPO

The highly anticipated initial public offering of Spotify, the music-streaming service, is likely to be held in late Q1/ early Q2 timeframe. We have published at length about Spotify’s growing clout on global music industry as well as the pros and cons of a direct listing approach.
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ICOs: The Private Capital Market Evolves Again

Why The Future Of Venture Financing Is Now In Security Tokens

The market forces that drove the evolution of the private secondary markets - democratization, globalization, transparency and liquidity - are now driving the adoption of Initial Coin Offerings by private tech companies.

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2017 Year-End Ridesharing Report
New Survey Report

Ridesharing Grows Strongly In 2017; The Battle Between Uber and Lyft Rages On

We are pleased to announce the results of SharesPost’s Second Annual Ridesharing Consumer Survey. For our year-end 2017 survey, we received 6,880 responses, compared to 5,475 responses in our corresponding 2016 survey.
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Uber will look to 'cut losses' and 'hedge growth' in Asia
New SharesPost in the News

Uber will look to ‘cut losses’ and ‘hedge growth’ in Asia

Rohit Kulkarni of SharesPost says Uber is taking "baby steps" toward an IPO with a sharp review of operations in Asia and elsewhere.
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SharesPost 100 Fund Top 10 Holdings as of 1/3/2018

The SharesPost 100 Fund, a closed-end interval fund, provides investors with access to the private technology growth asset class. Read More
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Announcing SharesPost Lending

Obtain liquidity today while preserving your equity upside by borrowing against your shares with a non-recourse loan. SharesPost now offers loans for both option exercises and loans for liquidity.
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