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The historically attractive return profile of many late-stage venture-backed companies has typically only been available to institutional and high net worth investors. With many high-growth companies staying private longer than ever, a significant portion of their value appreciation has typically occurred before their entry into the public markets.

Available for a minimum investment of $2,500 without investor accreditation requirements, the SharesPost 100 Fund, a closed-end interval fund, offers individuals, family offices, and institutions an effective means to access the venture-backed asset class.

Please note: For a prospectus with this and other information about the Fund, please download here. Read the prospectus carefully before investing. For additional information on the material discussed this video, please read our “Your Access Point to Private Growth Companies” report. To learn more about late-stage private companies and their growth profile, please see our report “Understanding the J-Curve”.

Key benefits

Gain access to alternative growth investments typically reserved for institutions and endowments.
Gain exposure to late-stage venture-backed private companies across multiple industry sectors.**
Enjoy more efficient redemption than direct investments or traditional venture capital funds through the SharesPost 100 Fund’s quarterly redemption program.

The Fund’s quarterly redemption program allows for up to 5% of the Fund’s net assets to be redeemed each quarter.

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Jonas Grankvist

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SharesPost 100 Fund
Symbol: PRIVX
CUSIP: 81951Q101
NAV: $30.44
Change: $0.04
As of: 4/6/2020

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Understanding the J-Curve

Understanding the J-Curve

Understanding the life cycle of private companies is critical to taking advantage of attractive risk-adjusted return potential in private markets.

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Important Disclosure

Investors should consider the investment objectives, risks, charges and expenses carefully before investing. For a prospectus with this and other information about the Fund, please download here. Read the prospectus carefully before investing.

Investment in the SharesPost 100 Fund involves substantial risk. The Fund is not suitable for investors who cannot bear the risk of loss of all or part of their investment. The Fund is appropriate only for investors who can tolerate a high degree of risk and do not require a liquid investment. The Fund has no history of public trading and investors should not expect to sell shares other than through the Fund's repurchase policy regardless of how the Fund performs. The Fund does not intend to list its shares on any exchange and does not expect a secondary market to develop.

All investing involves risk including the possible loss of principal. Shares in the Fund are highly illiquid, and you may not be able to sell your shares when, or in the amount that, you desire. The Fund intends to primarily invest in securities of private, late-stage, venture-backed growth companies. There are significant potential risks relating to investing in such securities. Because most of the securities in which the Fund invests are not publicly traded, the Fund’s investments will be valued by the Investment Adviser pursuant to fair valuation procedures and methodologies adopted by the Board of Trustees. While the Fund and the Investment Adviser will use good faith efforts to determine the fair value of the Fund’s securities, value will be based on the parameters set forth by the Prospectus. As a consequence, the value of the securities, and therefore the Fund’s NAV, may vary. Due to transfer restrictions and the illiquid nature of the Fund’s investments, you may not be able to sell your investments when you wish to do so. There are significant potential risks associated with investing in venture capital and private equity-backed companies with complex capital structures. The Fund focuses its investments in a limited number of securities, which could subject it to greater risk than that of a larger, more varied portfolio. There is a greater focus in technology securities that could adversely affect the Fund’s performance. If the Fund does not have at least 500 Members for an entire taxable year, you could receive an adverse tax treatment. The Fund’s quarterly repurchase policy may require the Fund to liquidate portfolio holdings earlier than the Investment Adviser would otherwise do so, and may also result in an increase in the Fund’s expense ratio. This is not a complete enumeration of the Fund’s risks. Please read the Fund prospectus for other risk factors related to the Fund, its investment strategy and your investment in the Fund, and other additional details.

SP Investments Management, LLC (“SPIM”) is the Adviser to the SharesPost 100 Fund, and is a SEC registered Investment Adviser. SPIM is a wholly owned subsidiary of SharesPost, Inc., and an affiliate of SharesPost Financial Corporation. Certain potential conflicts of interest involving the Fund’s Investment Adviser and its affiliates could impact the Fund’s investment returns and limit the flexibility of the implementation of its investment policies. New investment opportunities that meet the Fund’s investment objectives might not be offered, or otherwise made available to the Fund, due to affiliations between entities related to the Fund. Prospective investors should review the conflicts of interest described in the section entitled “Conflicts of Interest” in the Prospectus prior to making an investment in the Fund.

The SharesPost 100 Fund is distributed by FORESIDE FUND SERVICES, LLC

**The Fund is subject to a Fundamental Concentration Policy pursuant to which no more than 25% of the value of its assets may be invested in companies in a particular industry or group of industries. Further, holdings in companies that represent more than 5% of value of Fund’s total assets may not exceed more than 50% of the value of Fund’s assets. The SharesPost 100 Fund is a “non-diversified” investment company, and as such, the Fund may invest a greater percentage of its assets in the securities of a single issuer than investment companies that are “diversified.”

Code of Ethics
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Important Notice

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