Circle Internet Financial IPO | Finance/Payments | Founded: 2013 | Funding to Date: $246,000,000

Circle Internet Financial (“Circle”) was founded in 2013 by CEO and Board Chairman Jeremy Allaire and President Sean Neville. The company operates a fintech platform that allows people, institutions, and businesses to invest in and raise capital with cryptocurrencies. The company last publicly raised $110 million in May 2018 from investors including General Catalyst, Blockchain Capital, 2020 Ventures, and Bitmain, according to Pitchbook. During that Series E primary round, Circle reached a $3 billion valuation. Other investors include Breyer Capital, Tusk Ventures, and Accel.

In a February 2018 CNBC article, Mr. Allare was quoted as saying, “we have no intention of being a public company in the near future at all.” The foregoing comments should not be interpreted to mean that the company is formally pursuing or foregoing an IPO. As of November 18, 2019.

Date of Last Funding Round May 2018
Value at Last Round $3.01 B
Amount of Last Raise $110 MM
Total Funding to Date $248.04 MM

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