Virgin Hyperloop One IPO | Transportation | Founded: 2014 | Funding to Date: $366,125,289

Virgin Hyperloop One was originally founded as Hyperloop Technologies in 2014. The company designs and develops transportation infrastructure that leverages near-vacuum tubes and repelling magnets; think of pneumatic tubes, but for moving people and goods. Such systems can propel pods at over 500 mph. The company was the first to test a full-scale concept in 2017. To date, Virgin Hyperloop One has raised about $460 million from investors DP World, StraightPath Venture Partners, GE Ventures, and Khosla Ventures, among others. The company has not hinted when or if it will undertake an IPO.

Date of Last Funding Round May 2019
Value at Last Round $322.98 MM
Amount of Last Raise $172.23 MM
Total Funding to Date $366.13 MM

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The Record

American transportation technology firm Virgin Hyperloop One has chosen software-based cloud storage provider HubStor to provide cloud data management on Microsoft Azure. The technology will accelerate the time to market for a new, more sustainable mode of transport.  Virgin Hyperloop One is the first company to successfully test hyperloop technology at scale. The technology comprises a train-like vehicle which operates in a near-vacuum and is powered by electromagnetic levitation. Virgin...

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