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pundix.com/ | FinTech | Founded: 2017 | Funding to Date: $30,000,000

The Pundi X Platform is a visual management system consisting of Pundi X POS devices and other existing POS devices. The Pundi X POS is a smart device that is built to distribute cryptocurrency and is connected to the blockchain, so that each transaction is recorded. Anybody can login to the Pundi X Platform to buy or sell cryptocurrencies using the PundiX card and the Pundi- Pundi wallet App. All transactions that are executed by the PundiX devices are recorded in the blockchain for easy access and tracking. Pundi X enables use of cryptocurrencies to buy and sell at physical retail stores using a mobile app and a contactless payments card.

Key Investors
Hashed (Accelerator


Management Team
  • Zi Bin (Zac) Cheah - CEO
  • Huang Pu (Pitt) - CTO
  • Danny Lim Wei Xiang - CFO
  • David Ben Kay - Chief Legal Counsel
  • Constantin Papadimitriou (Kiki) - President


Token Index
Private Growth Index
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