Mux Stock | Analytics/Big Data | Founded: 2015 | Funding to Date: $43,029,997

Mux is an API-first video platform designed to make video streaming and analytics possible for every development team. Self-optimizing videos take the guesswork out of encodings, delivery, and renditions. This company was founded by Adam Brown, Jon Dahl, Matt McClure, Steve Heffernan in 2015 and is headquartered in San Francisco, CA. Mux offers two products: Mux Video and Mux Data.

ENTERPRISE VALUE (based on primary fundings)


Management Team
  • Steve Heffernan - Co-Founder & Head of Product
  • Salman Kothari - Chief Operating Officer
  • Jon Dahl - Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer
  • Matthew McClure - Co-Founder
  • Adam Brown - Co-Founder
Board Members
  • Daniel Levine - Accel

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“If you’re going to build a video platform and do it data-first, you need heavy data and monitoring and analytics,” Co-founder and CEO Jon Dahl explained. “We built the data layer [and then] we built the streaming platform.” Demand increased dramatically during the pandemic. During the past year, on-demand streaming via the Mux platform grew by 300%, while live video streaming grew 3,700% and revenue quadrupled.